2.5 G Live Diamond Infused Mini Pre-Rolls (5 pk)

  • Sherbinskis 10 packs of Mini Pre-Rolls are 100% premium whole indoor flower, never any trim or shake
  • Single strain, not mixed strains in flower
  • Excellent for a quick smoke on a leisurely stroll (“under a five-minute smoke”); Designed to share
  • Beautiful, discreet on-the-go packaging with magnetic flip-open top, fits perfectly in your pocket
  • Quality meets convenience. Minis offer the same amount of premium flower as Sherbinskis 1/8ths at the same MSRP but with the added ease of use
  • INFUSED: Live diamond-infused flower to amplify both taste and potency equally
  • INFUSED: Crafted for experienced users seeking higher potency without sacrificing the terpene profiles of world-class genetics
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